1.  Why should I have my child evaluated?

Parents (and schools)  seek neuropsychological evaluations for a variety of reasons.  Concerns may stem from early learning difficulties such as trouble learning to read, the inability to retain math facts, and/or trouble with spelling.  Likewise, there may be concerns regarding how a child is able to self-regulate within their learning environments, from studying independently to developing the appropriate efficiency to stay on task until completion.  Some parents seek to discover and confirm how their children learn and which educational environments are optimal.  Ultimately, the neuropsychological evaluation (and the related services that accompany the process) provides the necessary platform to allow informed decisions to be made regarding a child's learning environment.

2.  What happens after the evaluation is completed?

The most essential component of the evaluation process is what happens afterward.  During the feedback meeting, in addition to providing a granular analysis of your child’s learning profile, Dr. Mougios will walk you through a concrete timeline of follow up which can include disseminating results to your child’s school, speaking to professionals and tutors, providing referrals, and/or setting up school meetings, etc. Communication is ongoing with goals set over a period of time (3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc.)

3.  When do I receive the report?

Dr. Mougios makes concerted effort to have the report within a reasonable time frame of 2-4 weeks. The main objective is quality and therefore, Dr. Mougios will take more time to ensure that you receive a report that is user-friendly and valuable to everyone.

4.  Why is testing so expensive?

In addition to Dr. Mougios' expertise within multiple disciplines of neuropsychology, child development, and education, as well as her current up to date knowledge of most school settings, there is an extraordinary amount of time devoted to the evaluation process, much of which occurs outside of face-to-face consultations (e.g., phone calls, emails, ongoing correspondences). Moreover, Dr. Mougios maintains the most advanced and up to date testing equipment and materials within the field.

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